Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom with Custom Frameless Shower Screens Sydney

The bathroom is often the most neglected room of the house. You don’t pay enough attention as you do to the other rooms. But a small addition to the bathroom can make it look amazing. All you have to do is get a frameless shower screen for the bathing area. You must have seen such shower screens in the movies. Don’t they look so cool? It makes the bathroom look so elegant and classy. You can have the same thing in your bathroom too. There are many custom frameless shower screens Sydney companies that provide such screens at affordable prices.

Beauty of custom frameless shower screens

If you have one of those bathrooms where the toilet is on one side and the bathing area on the other, it will be great to have of these shower screens. The custom frameless shower screens Sydney professionals are of the opinion that these screens will separate the bathing area from the toilet so that you can go out fresh after a bath.

Frameless showers have panels of glass that have clean glass edges. This provides a seamless and designer-type finish. If you are wondering whether your bathroom is too big for a frameless shower screen or not, you can consult with the experts at Ezy Glide, they are the leading custom frameless shower screens Sydney company that have already installed such screens in several bathrooms. When it comes to customizing the shower screen, you will have full power over it. You can select from the narrow reed, sliding screens, frosted glass, acid etched, or starphire glass for the bathroom. Although there are options for semi-frameless shower screens, it will be best to go for the frameless ones that look better after they are installed.

Another reason why frameless shower screens have become so popular is that they complement a huge variety of bathrooms. The size of the bathroom is not a big factor here. You can get one of the shower screens installed even in a small bathroom and it will look beautiful. The best part of these shower screens is that they create a feeling of space in your bathroom. That is so important for bathrooms that are small in size.

Quality of installation

Ezy Glide is a reputable custom frameless shower screens Sydney company that has a wide range of frameless shower screens for you. The prices of these showers screens are quite affordable and the fact that you can customize them will also play a role in the total cost of the screen. In addition to the unmatched quality of the custom shower screens, the installation done by the experts at Ezy Glide is top-notch. They will take the exact measurements of the place where the customised shower screens have to be installed. The installation is done rather quickly as they have advanced tools.

Overall, a customised frameless shower screen will be a great addition to your bathroom. Make sure you choose the best glass to make the bathroom look more beautiful.